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Kpop Icontest
Korean music
22nd-Sep-2007 07:10 pm - week 25 // voting
Thank you everyone for participating! It's great to see such a turnout in the first week after hiatus ended. We have 16 gorgeous icons to vote for this week.

- Vote for your 3 favorite icons and 1 for the special category
- You may not vote for yourself or ask others to

Votes are weighted.
Choice 1 receives 3 points.
Choice 2 receives 2.
Choice 3 receives 1.
Special Category: Best Cropping

Vote in this format:

tiny text voting under hereCollapse )

Voting ends Monday night.
19th-Sep-2007 04:15 pm - week 25 // reminder
Hey, guys! We have 12 lovely entries so far (yay!), but you still have 2 more days to submit your icons here. Hope to see more!
12th-Sep-2007 07:49 pm - week 25 // theme
This week's theme will be Tiny Text. That means no readable text is allowed, and the icon must have tiny text somewhere on it. This a fairly easy theme, so I hope a lot of people participate :) There is a little extra time for this challenge as the community has just come back from hiatus.

- Entries must relate to theme.
- Each icon must be 40 kb or below
- Do not display the icons until after the contest
- Up to 3 entries

Submit in this format:

[Icon URL]

Entries are due Friday, 9/21 @ 8pm PST.
10th-Sep-2007 08:21 pm - Andddd ..We're Back!
Hey, everyone! As carla_chan stated wayyy back at the beginning of summer, today marks the reopening of kpopicontest!

I'm not quite sure where the other mods and bannermakers are at the moment, so if aerialle, carla_chan, and taylormercury could leave a comment here when they see this? I can take care of the upcoming rounds for now.

It might take a little effort to get this community up and running again, but I'm sure with our great members, we'll be gaining momentum in no time. Hopefully, everyone isn't too swamped with school and/or work and we can see some steady participation in our upcoming challenges. Also, feel free to promote this community as new entrants/voters are always welcome!

That said, our next theme will be posted on Wednesday. Hope to see everyone's great entries again!
21st-Jul-2007 09:42 am - WEEK 24 - BANNERS
suju - donghae lip bite
Sorry these are so late! I haven't had much time!

Banners for the final week, for: kkiske, shwinlewin, yled and theheaven.

right under the cut~!Collapse )
7th-Jul-2007 02:40 pm - WEEK 24 RESULTS
I'm not sure why this hasn't been posted yet. (aerialle, where are you? D:)

Sorry for the long wait, guys!

winners under hereCollapse )

Banner maker: taylormercury

And with that, no more themes until September 10th!
25th-Jun-2007 03:55 pm - Week 21// Banners
Banners for theheaven & lovewls

If there's any mistake please say me ;) and comment when you take please.

Get them!Collapse )
25th-Jun-2007 02:39 pm - MOD// Info
Since it's summer and alot of people go for trips and holidays I think it's time to make a summer break. So this community will be closed for some time and will open again when the holidays finish.

This week 24 will be the last before the summer break

I think it's ok with all of you and hope that when we open again all of you will return to continue with your wonderfull icons for the challenges ^0^

Thank U soo much for entering this icontest communitty and thanks to the banner makers and mods for they hard work everyweek, without all of you this community hasn't been opened! ;)

Soo, have a nice summer!!! Enjoy your holidays!

**When week 24 will be finished I'm going to post this again and delete this one, like this everybody that enter at the community will see this post first**

We will open again in 10th of September
25th-Jun-2007 07:24 pm - Week 24 // Voting
☆ SS501; hyun joong is hot 2
Yay for the voting time! We only got 9 icons for this week. :( I hope we can get more people participate for the next theme.

- Vote for your three favorite icons and special category.
- Don't vote for yourself.

Choice 1 gets 3 points.
Choice 2 gets 2 points.
Choice 3 gets 1 point.
Special Category: Best Style

Use this format:


or #, #, #

hey ho! let's go!Collapse )
23rd-Jun-2007 02:07 pm - Week 21 // Winners
Hee chul
And the winners are:

WinnersCollapse )
banner maker: carla_chan <- me ^0^(I'll post the banners as soon as possible ^^
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